Introduction “Stop Foreclosure Secrets” The #1 Secret to Stop and Avoid Foreclosure in New Jersey instantly

In this video, I want to share with you the #1 thing to do when you are facing foreclosure or if the banks have threatened to foreclose on your property.

You would think that ‘foreclosure’ is the worst ‘f’ word that you can encounter as an individual in your financial world.

It is not. The worst ‘f’ word is ‘fear’. Facing foreclosure is not the worst thing that can happen to you. In fact in a lot of ways, it can turn out to be the best thing especially if you read this book 4 – 5 times to educate yourself.

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An average person that stumbled into this book is facing foreclosure. At the very minimum, it could be that a family member is facing foreclosure. Nonetheless, congratulations because I have some very important goals for writing this book that can help you turn the situation around.

My goal for you once you finish reading this book 4 – 5 times is to help you first and foremost stop any panic you may be having. Like I said, fear is your worst enemy now; not foreclosure. What you fear the most is what you attract. I am going to give you some information that will help you eliminate fear.

There are very high chances that you have ended up in this situation because you operated your financial life out of fear in the first place. Clearly, you will continue to get the same result if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. Avoiding making moves out of fear is my first goal in helping you come out of the situation with flying colors and way better financial IQ than you had.

My second goal is to help you get equipped with the information that your bank, mortgage company and lien holders would typically not make available to you. You see the ultimate goal for these companies is profits. The only time they lead with educating you properly is when it means more revenue for them.

At these stage, you are late on payments and your file is now falling into the category known as non-performing assets. In other words, no cash flow is coming from your account to the mortgage bank anymore. For a while, the collection department will continue to pound your phone with rings. The first thing they want to know is if you have any amount of money you would like to pay in. They do not care about you long term or giving you the education to help you navigate out of the situation.

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My goal in this book is not just to help you short term, but to provide you with education to help you navigate out of pre-foreclosure into more financial prosperity after. What’s the good of any debacle you go through if you don’t come out stronger. God forbid right?

So, I want you to know that foreclosure is a disguised opportunity for you to learn how the banks capitalize on mortgages and even foreclosure.  I can’t stress this enough. Click here to Download the book and read it at least 4 – 5 times before you make any move. Your next move will determine the direction for the rest of your life from a financial standpoint.

Foreclosure is a big deal but not really, once you are properly educated about your particular scenario.

During this times, you will be approached with multiple types of crazy solutions.

Read this book first and then decide what’s best for you. It is only after reading this book 4-5 times that you will be able to claim that you’ve made a well educated and informed decision.

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What happens if in a few months from now, the bank successfully takes over the ownership of your property? How would that affect your life? Would that make you feel like success or failure in life? Your credit would be shot too.

It will be extremely sad for you to start saying “I wish I had taken action. I wish I had paid attention.” Clearly, you are reading this information which means you care about this property and your financial future.

The good news is that you’ve got options. As far as time, no so much. But you have time to read this book 4-5 times. What you don’t have time for is to sit around and try to pray away this problem.

It won’t go away unless you educate yourself and then execute on the most fit solution for you from the options I laid out for you in this book.

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You are not alone. Thousands of legal notices of default and intent to foreclose are being filed across New Jersey and the nation every year. The last thing that your bank want is your property. However they will be left with no other choice other than to take your property if you do nothing.

If you do nothing, they will foreclose, file eviction and then list your property for top dollars with a local realtor in your face. You may even have some equity in the property but then it would be all gone.

Sad right?

Imagine being able to put all these behind you and increasing your financial stability by 1000% simultaneously. That is my goal for you when you download this book for free (Click here to Download the book.) and read it 4 – 5 times.

The value of the information in this book is no less than $97. It will protect your from property thieves and it is for a LIMITED time, yours… for FREE. If you don’t do nothing, you’d be dealing with it for 7 years on your credit.

Click here to Download the book for FREE ($97 Value).

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